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Isis is...

Included as 1 of 40 Black & Mixed-Race Female Founders to Watch in Europe by the Financial Times-backed Sifted, February 2022.

Published on Neuroscience for the Climate by UNESCO-backed HAS Magazine, January 2021.

Pioneer, Scientist, Entrepreneur, Advocate

Of Indigenous, academic, and entrepreneurial legacy, I was raised between Paris, New York, and London, with a fostered connection and passion for Nature, expressed through a nurtured focus and aptitude in science and entrepreneurship which carried me through pioneer studies in Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and Entrepreneurship at Vanderbilt University.

I encountered Neuroscience by chance, while originally starting in BioMedical Engineering. It was still just an interdisciplinary subject at the time, developed by the leading medical faculty and resources at Vanderbilt. With parents in advertising, I was fascinated by decision-making and agency. Being brought up internationally, I was also sensitive to the elastic nature of our psyches. In short - it all starts in the mind, and my passion had just walked me through its golden gate.

With my namesake Isis, balancing divinity and terror is part for the course - and this would unfold in truth: I lived in front of the World Trade Center and the Terror Attacks on 9/11 shattered my home & family. Thus embarking on an Odyssey akin to Ulysses'. He makes it home after 20 years. My mother before me was a leading black woman in tech 25 years ago. Out of Ground Zero - driven to my core by foundations rooted in natural law, equipped with advanced mental health education, and deeply connected to Nature's conservation as it has been my solace - I am today focused on driving Net Zero solutions connecting Science, Startups, and Social Impact.

Our compound actions determine everything: in order to achieve Net Zero, we need to start at the beginning: in the mind. Through Climate Psychology, I blaze the trail to make sustainable personal and professional actions accessible to everyone. Steering humanity out of dystopian sensationalist narratives starts by rewriting positive futures. Bio-Logical Nature is on our side and we are wired to act in our best interest at scale, this is how.